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Year 1 Visit Winchester Planetarium

Posted: 1st December 2022

3… 2… 1… blast off! Year 1 astronauts to space!

Year 1 were reaching for the stars while they visited Winchester Planetarium. The visit supported our ‘Space’ topic and gave the girls firsthand experience of the solar system. The minute we arrived, the girls were given the opportunity to experience a virtual tour of space by going inside the planetarium observatory, where the girls shrieked with excitement as we blasted off into orbit and discovered the Sun and North Star – as well as the star constellations in our solar system. We zoomed off further into the stars and discovered mind blowing facts on different planets, before ending our journey with a tour of the Milky Way. The trip beyond our atmosphere was fun, but we felt very happy to return back to planet Earth after a shaky ride back home. Once we landed, and unbuckled ourselves from our space rocket, we took part in a workshop where the girls investigated states of matter through slime, testing out the most sticky and stretchiest slime. This was gooey great fun!

The girls were also given the opportunity to explore, discover and problem solve practically and investigate the equipment and resources around them. They collaborated together and asked thought provoking questions as they enthusiastically investigated forces, mass and sound waves through a series of activities. We were very impressed with how well behaved the girls were, and their knowledge and understanding of space.

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