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We are Going on a Bear Hunt

Posted: 14th October 2022

Our Reception boys have been settling into their new school this term and getting to know their classroom and peers. The boys have been busying themselves with many activities such as singing, reading, mark-making, writing, painting, cutting, constructing and counting.

Our topic this half term has been ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’, which has been a hit with the boys who have been totally immersed in all things bear-related. They have been learning facts about the different types of bears that live on our planet and writing these as their first sentences. They have drawn, cut and painted bears, acted out the story and even listened to the story in French!

We look forward to a visit to the British Wildlife Centre next month, where the boys will learn about animals that are native to the UK. The topic after half term is ‘Once Upon a Time’, which then leads onto the mini-theme, ‘Christmas’. They will immerse themselves in well-known traditional stories alongside folklore from around the world. What an exciting start to the school year!

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