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Year 6 Thames Young Mariners Trip

Posted: 12th October 2022

On Monday 12 September, we went to Thames Young Mariners in Richmond to develop the girls’ sense of adventure and to build our Year 6 team.

The girls spent the day participating in a range of exciting water-based activities. Working in teams, they learned how to tie different knots and used logs and barrels to construct rafts, ready to set sail. After a short snack break to reenergise, they were ready to test the waters with paddle boarding. Equipped with helmets, wetsuits and life jackets, the girls had fun getting in the water and trying to keep their balance on the boards. At the end of the day, the girls made a splash, jumping off a cliff into the water. This tested their perseverance, confidence and the importance of taking risks.

The trip to Thames Young Mariners was a great success! Our Year 6 girls enjoyed learning outside the classroom, challenged themselves with new experiences, made new friends and – most importantly – had lots of fun!


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