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Runways Ends: It Was ‘In-tents’

Posted: 6th July 2022

For our Year 8 activity week, we were given the chance to go on a camping trip to Runways End in Aldershot. We had the opportunity to take part in a variety of enjoyable activities held in the centre, each testing our ability to communicate in a team but also work independently.

We spent two nights in tents, which pushed us out of our comfort zones as we had to sleep on the floor and with people we had never slept in the same place with. Of course, we learnt more practical things about camping in these tents. For example, it was raining and most of us learnt it is never okay to leave your tent door open in the rain!

Some of the activities we did consisted of vertical challenges, water sports, fire making and many more! We asked some of our friends what their highlight of the trip was and most people said caving (crawling and exploring through the underground caves) because you got the chance to adventure in a cave with your friends and it was very funny seeing how people made it to the end of the tunnel! Some people said they preferred crate stacking, which is an activity where your team works with you to get different pairs as high as they can on top of crates. They said they preferred this because it gave them a chance to work as a team and create new friendships. Lots of people said they enjoyed paddle boarding on the canal, this is because it was different to the other activities and in the end you get to push others in which is a laugh!

Our personal favourite was the high ropes, in this you climbed as high as you can on a wall and if you made it to the top, you had to do a challenge on it. This was my favourite activity because once I had made it to the top of the wall, I felt very proud of myself. Of course there were many other activities all were very fun and we made new friendships with people we’ve never met before!

In the evenings, we did team activities with the whole year, on the first night it was a scavenger hunt, this was very fun and even better since there was a prize! On the second night, the whole year group sat at a campfire, while the instructors attempted to make us laugh, but unfortunately we were a tough crowd! We got to do karaoke and some of us even got the chance to go and perform something in front of the year.

Aniya and Gabi, 8T


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