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Shakespeare Week

Posted: 4th July 2022

A dramatic storm raced through the halls of the Girls’ Prep this summer, as the whole School came together for our first Shakespeare Week. Each class explored Shakespeare’s last play, ‘The Tempest’, imagining Prospero’s  life on an enchanted island or re-enacting a magical shipwreck. Girls in Years 5 and 6 explored colonialism through the eyes of Caliban and Ariel, the original inhabitants of the island, creating powerful versions of the story from these alternative points of view. Performance, of course, was at the heart of our week, as each class from Year 1 to 6 had the chance to take part in a Drama workshop with Freshwater Theatre, kindly provided by the Parents’ Association.

Our week ended by celebrating the incredible work produced by each year group, from poetry to costume design. What a treat to have the whole School coming together to work on this special project; we cannot wait for next year!


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