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Year 5 Transition Days

Posted: 1st July 2022

On Thursday and Friday, Year 5 hard the chance to experience life at the Senior School. From Latin to Physics, Biology to German – we had loads of fun! The main topic of all of our lessons were pirates and sailors. We designed our own boats, and made our own sea shanty with dance moves too! The second day we performed them them by the river and we tried to float our boats. Only some passengers (oranges and apples) survived the hazardous journey! Over all it was a very useful as well as a fun experience!

(Maya, Year 5)

Wednesday was such a wonderful day full of so many interesting lessons, such as Physics as the first lesson, Biology as the second, German as the third, and Classics as the last. Physics was so fun and exciting – we focused on buoyancy and boats. It was so interesting to learn about the different parts of a ship, and how you can make a small sailboat from everyday items in your home. Even though mine and Sofia’s sunk, I was enthralled. In Biology we learnt about how mechanics and engineers used different shapes of animals to create different vehicles. We all went into groups and had a ball of plasticine to create different shapes and jot down the splash height on a graph. I was fascinated to learn how you can make such a difference to a vehicle by changing the shape. We had German next, where we completed a pop quiz and graph about Germany. It was such an amusing lesson with such entertaining teachers. After lunch, we had Classics (study of the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Latin) where we pretended to be archaeologists and studied a ship called the Uluburun and studied its history. It’s crazy how much you can learn from one piece of gold. Where is it from? What do we know about this? These are questions archaeologists ask themselves when the find remains or relics, but these were the questions we asked ourselves when we pretended to be archaeologists. After this, we had to go home and get ready for another exciting day.

Thursday was even more exciting than Wednesday as we got to dress up as pirates! The majority of Year 5 dressed up as sailors, but I dressed up as a pirate. The first lesson of the day was Performing Arts where the Drama teachers took us to the Quad and we created sea shanties to perform at the River Thames when we went down there later. After break, we went and had Art where we made our boats which we were going to attach onto a paddle board and a teacher would paddle away with them and see how durable they were. Mine and Mayar’s vessel won, seeing as ours stayed afloat and our apple (which we had to put in the boat) didn’t get wet. We performed our sea shanties one by one down at the River Thames, which was so much fun. Over the course of these two days, I have had an amazing time full of joy and laughter when our ship fell apart while making it. All the teachers are so lovely and I wish that we could have more days like Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you to everyone involved with organising our transition time.

( Holly and Mia, Year 5)

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