Year 12 Politics visit to the Supreme Court | Surbiton High School
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Year 12 Politics visit to the Supreme Court

Posted: 30th June 2022

Politics students had a fabulous day at the Supreme Court, the UK’s highest court of appeals and only constitutional court. Although they were not able to watch a live case as is sometimes possible, students were able to sit in all three courtrooms throughout the day and take on the roles of judges, appellants and respondents in mock trials – all based on real cases that have recently come before the court. These ranged from the principle of joint enterprise to the clash between LGBT rights and religious freedoms, highlighting the variety of cases that the court decides upon. Students had some great discussions with our very knowledgeable tour guide around the role and history of the court as well as the appointments process and the current lack of diversity in court membership. All in all, a great day was had and students left with a deeper understanding of how our judicial system works.

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