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Strawberry Hill House Visit

Posted: 29th June 2022

On Thursday 23 June, Year 2 visited Strawberry Hill House. Greeted by the castle’s housekeeper, Margaret, the boys were welcomed through the magnificent wooden doors of the extraordinary home of Horace Walpole. They were taken on a tour of the house, admiring the beautiful architecture which has been beautifully preserved for over 250 years. The tour guide told us the history of the house and they used their knowledge to identify the distinct parts of the building that make it so unique and similar to a traditional castle. All boys could spot the many quatrefoil shapes that surrounded the glorious white house and got into character by trying an array of medieval costumes. The day ended with a medieval workshop fit for a king. The boys learned more about the coat of arms and created their very own crowns. It was truly a wonderful day and even the rain could not dampen our spirits.

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