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The Famous Red, Blue and Green Take Over Hinchley Wood

Posted: 9th June 2022

Sports Day finally descended upon Surbiton High Boys’ Preparatory School on Wednesday with parents welcomed to watch the event for the first time in three years. A fantastic opportunity to get the Girls’ and Boys’ Prep Schools together; Key Stage 1 children from both schools shared a carousel of fun activities ranging from the traditional events such as sprints and egg and spoon race to an obstacle race and Nerf throw. It was great to have parents in attendance, cheering and encouraging the children as they worked their way round the activities in which was, no doubt, a very tiring morning.

After a picnic lunch, KS1 departed Hinchley Wood and the next wave of coaches arrived with the KS2 boys for their Sports Day. Hinchley Wood was littered with banners and red, blue and green House flags which made for a great spectacle when the boys set off for their warmup lap to the song, ‘Chariots of Fire’.  The afternoon format was similar, though the events were slightly different. The introduction of triple jump for Years 5 and 6 proved challenging yet very rewarding whilst the sack race was a big hit for all those who took part.

When the boys had competed in all their events and earned a well-deserved rest, it was their turn to spectate and cheer whilst watching the Boys’ Prep School staff in a 4x100m House relay. We were even blessed with our resident professional runner, Mr Trigwell, taking part. Whilst the staff race offered lots of cheering, it was overshadowed by the parents 100m sprints which resulted in several tumbles at the start, middle and end of the race!

It was great to have Sports Day packed full of parents and all willing to take part; it really goes to show how strong the Surbiton High community is, and it made for a wonderful day all round.



KS1 winners: Arundel

KS2 winners: Balmoral

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