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2W Looking Ahead to Year 3

Posted: 27th May 2022

2W looked ahead to what life in Year 3 might be like, and reflected on what skills and qualities might be needed next year as they transition into Key Stage 2. The initial excitement over iPads and ‘big School’ mixed with some nerves and rumours of ‘fearsome’ teachers. The girls decided they could use their invention skills to formulate a magic potion, giving them everything they needed to successfully navigate the challenges ahead.

But how to make a magic potion? What gets put in it? As the girls argued over the way ahead, they realised this was just like some of the early days in Year 2! The arguments subsided as they started to collaborate and listen to each other a little more; suddenly, the potion bottle was filling itself! As the girls used their ‘Learning Habits’ and ‘Size of the Problem’ skills, yet more potion magically materialised. The potion was finally being completed by looking back over their favourite parts of Key Stage 1 and what they had learnt from them, adding a healthy dose of appreciation for all the help and support they had got from their parents along the way. With the potion finally ready, a brave girl took a sip and CRASH the potion vanished in a puff of smoke – disaster! Actually no, the girls realised they had everything they needed to make a success of Key Stage 2 already, in their heads and hearts.

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