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Reception and Year 6 Planting Seeds

Posted: 23rd May 2022

Reception boys have been very busy flexing their green fingers. They started the term growing cress seeds, hoping to make cress sandwiches. They grew them in soil, on paper towel and on cotton wool, and voted on which they thought would be the best growing condition. The boys observed and monitored them every day, running in every morning, excited to see the changes.
The day finally came when the cress was ready to eat. The boys made delicious sandwiches all by themselves and ate the results! They then wrote instructions for their parents on how to make them at home.

In their next gardening quest, the boys began by extracting the seeds from a tomato and laying them out to dry. Later, working together with their Year 6 buddy, the boys planted the tomato seeds, ready to put in the Reception garden greenhouse. Every day is more exciting as the tomato seeds begin to grow! They measure them, observe them, and compete to see whose plant is the tallest. It has sparked a lot of discussion about what plants need to grow and flourish. They have even learned the word photosynthesis!

The boys have since grown runner beans and are excited to watch them grow taller every day. They have also planted wildflowers for our outside area, which are growing VERY quickly!

Watch this space for the next Alan Titchmarsh!

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