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Tally Ho WWII Talk

Posted: 20th May 2022

Last week, Year 6 and Year 5 had a visit from David from the Tally Ho Project. We heard about World War II and David gave information about the famous soldiers’ stories. He taught us about the five values of a British soldier: unity, resilience, duty, positive actions and courage.

David showed us the story of a British soldier called Douglas Barder, who was an air battle pilot, though lost his legs attempting a stunt called the victory role. After the war, he left the Royal Air Force, but after many years he was recalled because of the German threat. This is a true example of the core values of a soldier. We learned about the story of many World War II pilots who were great role models.

David brought in many artefacts from the time, such as helmets and costumes, and the boys were invited to perform a role-play. We all thanked David for his amazing workshop with Year 6 and also Year 5. We learned about the significant skills a courageous soldier has to have to have the bravery to go and fight for their country in the World War.

Harry Grosvenor says “I really enjoyed the Tally Ho Project. I thought it was interesting, and I learned how much the soldiers did in the war.”

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