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Fishbourne Roman Palace Trip – Year 3

Posted: 30th March 2022

We have been learning about the Romans in our Humanities topic this term. On Thursday 24 March, our teachers took all of Year 3 to Fishbourne Roman Palace. It was a fantastic trip and really helped us to develop our knowledge of the Romans. We did three different activities whilst we were there. They were: a variety of Roman jobs, like working in a Roman kitchen and Roman writing on a wax tablet using the Roman alphabet. As well as this, we did Roman food tasting where we learned how to eat like a Roman soldier. The final activity was making our own Roman bulla with a clay sculpture of a Roman or Greek God inside. A bulla was a kind of pouch or locket worn by Roman children. It was meant to give them good luck and keep them safe from evil spirits. Finally, we had the opportunity to look at real Roman mosaics that were found on the site in the 1960s. It was amazing to see that they were still in such good condition even though they were almost 2,000 years old!

Thank you very much to the teachers for organising this trip.

Ben Slingsby (3AB)

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