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“Adventures On Trains” Author Visit

Posted: 18th March 2022

During World Book Week, we had a special visit from MG Leonard and Sam Sedgeman, the authors of the ‘Adventures On Trains’ series of mystery books. First, they explained about their inspiration to write. MG Leonard’s sons were interested in trains, but there were no fictional books about trains. That’s when she partnered up with one of  her work friends called Sam who just happened to love trains. After that, they showed us how a train works and we even got to see a real steam engine working. Sam explained how coal is put into the steam train’s furnace to create steam to move the train’s wheels.


Next, we all got to take part in planning a murder mystery. We had to choose a victim, suspects and a motive, as well as some red herring clues to throw the detectives off along the way. It was so much fun, and Year 4 immediately went away to plan our own mystery stories! We can’t wait to read the next book in the series, set in the Arctic Circle. 


Eleanor Year 4

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