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Year 1 Trip to Windsor Castle

Posted: 9th March 2022

We were all very excited about our trip to Windsor Castle and arrived at School ready for a very royal adventure! When arriving at the castle, we noticed that the Royal Standard was flying. We were thrilled as this meant the Queen was in residence at the Castle – perhaps we would see her! It was lucky that we had been practising our royal waves and curtsies at School.

After arriving at the castle, the first part of our day was our tour of St George’s Chapel. We were amazed by how beautiful and calm it was inside. There were so many amazing wooden and marble carvings – it was a very special place to see. We were amazed to discover Henry VIII was buried here.

After leaving the chapel, we made our way to our workshop titled ‘Life as a  Knight’, in which we learnt all about page boys, squires and knights. It was great fun when we re-enacted the different roles and tried on the chainmail, armour and tested out the shields and shiny swords! We left our session filled with lots of brilliant facts.

Later, we toured the State Apartments inside the castle itself. Every room was filled with beautiful pictures and details; a particularly interesting room was the Weaponry Room, where there were hundreds of different sets of armour and weapons that the Royal family had accumulated over many, many years. Another room of interest was the Garter Throne Room where we all spotted the special Coronation portrait we had been shown in our Learning session – well done us!

We embarked on our journey home feeling very excited – and tired! – after a wonderful day at Windsor Castle. It was a brilliant experience being able to spend time in our Queen’s home and learning about castles. Many thanks to our lovely parents, teachers and helpers for making it possible.

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