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Prep Schools Dinosaur Workshop

Posted: 10th February 2022

Is it a lion? Is it a tiger? No… it’s a T-REX!

Our Girls’ and Boys’ Prep School Reception classes shared an epic midweek dinosaur treat. Chris, our dinosaur expert who led the workshop, started with some facts, such as T-rex means king of the tyrant lizards in ancient Greek and a full grown one could weigh up to seven tons.

Miss Palmer then walked into the hall holding a baby Triceratops called Mia, who was tiny, gentle and extremely cute. We also met Bella, the baby Velociraptor. She was also cute, but much less gentle with her razor-sharp teeth!

Just when the children thought that they had met all of the dinosaurs, in walked Sophie, the eight year old T-rex. She was HUGE! Modelled on puppets from the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ live show, the dinosaur costume had animatronic features and a realistic roar. The experience definitely made some of the boys (and adults) jump! After some initial trepidation, they discovered that Sophie was a friendly T-rex and some were even brave enough to stroke her – being careful to avoid her BANANA-SIZED teeth!

After all of that excitement, the children enjoyed taking part in fossil workshops, digging for and holding real fossils, including a tooth from a T-rex, a Triceratops horn and an Allosaurus skull to name a few.

Our favourite fact of the day was discovering that the T-rex was not the real king of the dinosaurs… it was in fact the Allosaurus that was top of the food chain. What a day to remember.


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