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Moon Buggy Day

Posted: 10th February 2022

On Wednesday 2 February, the Science Lab was transformed into a Design and Technology workshop as Year 5 put their creative and critical thinking skills to the test. The challenge was set: to build a vehicle suitable for navigating a course of 20m, exploring the terrain for life in another solar system.

Inspiration came from our recent STEM talk by Liz Tinlin, where we learnt that it would take thousands (millions in some cases) of years to get to other solar systems in our fastest rockets. Why would we want to go? To collect samples of possibly lifesaving bacteria. Humans just don’t have the time, so we need to set our rockets to travel at the speed of light and send a sample-collecting vehicle in our place.

Motors, chassis, wheel alignment, materials, cogs, axles, and switches were discussed and pondered over. After an initial period of planning, girls worked in peer groups to produce their buggies. Using various techniques, trials and checks, the models were finally assembled. Sounds of, “I’m actually doing it!” and “We need to think about this carefully…” echoed around the room.

Anticipation rose on Friday, as the final session of the challenge was dedicated to racing our prototypes. Squeals and cheers resounded throughout the building as buggies were put to the ultimate test.



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