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Regional Floor and Vault Gymnastics Competition

Posted: 7th February 2022

On Sunday 6 February 2022, two boys and three girls from the Prep Schools competed at the London Regional Floor and Vault Gymnastic Competition in the U11 Mixed Team category. The day started bright and early with the gymnasts and parents arriving at the venue in the wind and the rain. After shaking off the cold, it was time to spring into action. The gymnasts had an open warm up period on the floor and vault in order to acclimatise to the competition venue and equipment. Following this, there was a march on introduction of all the schools that were competing and then the competition began.

The Mixed Team were on the vault first. They all produced some fantastic dynamic vaults with near faultless landings. It was a great start. Next, it was the floor routines. Each individual had to perform their full routine one at a time in front of the judges. Every gymnast embraced their nerves and performed to an incredibly high standard, demonstrating a full array of gymnastics skills. This was summed up by one of the boys, who said “I was so nervous when I was waiting for my turn, but when I got out there and was performing, I actually really enjoyed myself!”.

Once both pieces of apparatus were complete, it was time for the presentations. It was announced that Surbiton U11 Mixed Team had won the gold medal and will now represent the London region at the National Finals. A fantastic achievement. Well done to all of the gymnasts involved and thank you to the parents for supporting and encouraging throughout the day.

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