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SPEAR Sleepover

Posted: 3rd February 2022

On Friday 21 January, Year 6 took part in a charity sleepover in Runcie Hall to raise money for SPEAR. During the sleepover, we had two visitors come in and discuss homelessness. One of the men, Andy, told us about his story and experience being homeless. He had to leave his home due to domestic violence, and soon he found himself sleeping on concrete. He left with nothing, only a few pounds, which he said didn’t last long.

It was interesting to hear that just a simple conversation lightened up his day, which shows interacting with homeless people means a lot to them. Unfortunately, we cannot give them much, but a little from everyone helps. Funnily enough, one day, a man suggested to Andy to go to SPEAR, our incredible charity. Andy claims they were friendly and supportive. With the help of SPEAR, he is living happy and healthy with a home.

This is just one of the many reasons why we support SPEAR and are so committed to raising money for them.

By Olivia (6P) and Millie-Rose (6S)

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