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Year 2 Visit from Polar Workshop & Adrian Hall

Posted: 15th December 2021

Explorer Adrian Hall shared in great detail what it was like to set foot on the Galapagos Islands, how magnificent and unspoilt they are, and how he felt as he walked their glorious beaches and explored the islands. His amazing collection of photos gave us a sense of what he saw. The girls clearly enjoyed seeing all the incredible animals they had been studying; Fur Seals basking on the beaches, Sea Turtles gliding through the waters, and Marine Iguanas clinging to the craggy rocks.

Mr Hall then took us outside for a map skills workshop – the girls had to navigate around the entire playground reading his incredibly detailed map. Could they find the little flags he had posted in all sorts of places – up high, down low and tucked away? What mysterious name did they spell out?

A fantastic afternoon which the girls thoroughly enjoyed, a huge thank you from us all to Mr Hall.


We were all so excited to finally meet Adrian. We’d heard so much about him and were all so excited to see him in person.

When he came, he showed us how he trekked to the Arctic and even had some pictures to show us of the boat he travelled in and what he packed in his rucksack. Some of us even got to touch the items he used when he went to the Arctic!

Soon after, he led us outside to where he explained how he had made little flags and hid them around the playground. Also, in our partner pairs and using maps of school, we needed to navigate and locate co-ordinate points. We enjoyed the activity very much!

However, the time had come for us to part, so we waved him good-bye and hope to see him again soon. It was so fun getting to know Adrian, we all loved every bit of it.

– Isabella ( 5F)


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