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Girls’ Prep Maritime Museum Visit

Posted: 15th December 2021

On Wednesday 3 November we went to Greenwich Maritime Museum because we are going to focus on the polar regions on humanities this half term. First, we were split into groups and then we went to the great map and tried to find out how to get to Antarctica. Next, we went to the polar exploration and tried to find different things in our booklet to later go in our books. I really enjoyed this trip and I now know about the polar regions and explorations.

– Jess 5S

On Wednesday we went to Greenwich to see the British Maritime Museum. We went there to see the artefacts there. When we got there, we were given little booklets with missing information and we had to explore the museum finding the objects and finding the right words to fit in the blank spaces. I learnt that many have tried to go to the polar region and never succeeded in 1700.

– Isla 5F

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