Girls’ Prep Donated Over 300 Luxury Boxes to Spear London

Posted: 14th December 2021

Our Charity reps have been super busy. Thursday morning bright and early our Charity elves had been cooking all night, with a little help from mummies and daddies in preparation for our wonderful Nativity performance of ‘ It’s a Cracker’.

To be able to invite our parents in for the first time for a Nativity made the event even more special with lots of waves and thumbs up before Reception and KS1 performed and sang so beautifully.

Our Charity committee then coordinated over 300 boxes at morning drop off on Friday 10 December filled with luxuries and essentials as requested by our charity, SPEAR London. We were joined by one of SPEAR’s volunteers who could not believe the spirt, fun and welcome the girls gave him.

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