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Debating Club at the Girls’ Prep

Posted: 8th December 2021

Getting this half term off to a roaring start, Debating Club at the Girls’ Prep began by looking at the inspiring words of others. Year 5 and Year 6 girls explored the speeches of those who have moved us with their winning words – from Martin Luther King to Greta Thunberg – questioning what made those speeches so persuasive.

Taking inspiration from those motivating speeches, we thought about why so many of these speeches were delivered by those who were not traditionally listened to by society; owing to their gender, their ethnicity, or their age.

We then plunged straight into our debates. The girls considered both ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments on key topics: ‘Should social media be designed for children?’ as Instagram kids would suggest, followed by ‘should all schools be single-sex’? Practising their research and writing skills, the girls developed forceful arguments on both sides of these vibrant debates, resulting in narrow victories for the ‘no social media aimed at children’ team (sorry, Zuckerberg) and that both co-education and single-sex schools have a place in modern education. Great to see so many girls offering their views confidently – I look forward to more lively discussion next term!

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