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Year 13 Chemistry in Action

Posted: 6th December 2021

On Monday 29th November several enthusiastic chemists from our School got the opportunity to attend the ‘Chemistry in Action’ event in London.

I found it incredible how every talk absolutely captured everyone’s fascination, and truly inspired us, giving us so much room to imagine the possibilities of what you can do with your A-level Science knowledge. Ranging from environmental science to nanotechnology, solutions were proposed to tackle pressing global issues one would not think to solve. My favourite talk was by an award-winning materials scientist Asel Sartbaeva who has developed new ways of making vaccines thermally stable so they will not need fridges, reducing costs and improving access to potentially life-saving vaccines.

Overall, it was such a fun day out and I wish someone had convinced me to sign up sooner, it really gives you the motivation to push through exam season with a goal in mind!

– Caroline, Year 13

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