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Surbiton Girls Explore Brand New Worlds

Posted: 18th November 2021

During the last week of October, the Regency Bookstore held a book sale at Surbiton Girls’ Preparatory School for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 so that children had the opportunity to read different genres of books.

“It was really fun,” said Amelia in 3M, “there were lots of books to choose from.” She would recommend a ‘Lamb called Lucky’. There were books for all ages and everyone found a book that they liked.

Charlie, Millie and Reeya from Year 4 really enjoyed reading the ‘Murder most Unladylike’, series and ‘The Goth Girl’ series. Nala thought that Regency were very helpful, nice and helped us find books that suited us. Nala would recommend ‘Utterly Dark’.

Over 200 pupils at Surbiton enjoyed the book sale enormously and we would like to thank Regency for all their hard work!

– Mona, 6P


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