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Year 5 Visit Hampton Court Palace

Posted: 9th November 2021

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Hampton Court Palace, broadening their knowledge of Tudor society and particularly life inside a Tudor Palace kitchen.

From the moment we left School, Year 5 impressed with their maturity and proved a reliable and safe group when using the train, as well as being considerate of others. Whilst most were stunned at the thought of a 5,000 calorie-a-day food allowance, when converted into a number of Big Macs a day, some fancied life in the Tudor Court.

The day was an immersive day and all gained a huge amount from our fantastic workshop with the palace food historian, as well as exploring Henry’s apartments, the Great Hall and the palace chapel. When studying the Tudors, it is possible to get the impression that execution and political intrigue and turmoil dominated the era, but the trip really drove home the idea that Tudor society was also about building each other up.

This was a fantastic day out and we look forward to further discovery of this fascinating period in English history.

A huge thank you to the staff supporting the trip.

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