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Year 6 Perform at Surbiton Festival

Posted: 15th October 2021

On the morning of Saturday 25 September, 15 boys in Year 6 performed at the Surbiton Festival; their first time performing live as a group for 19 months. It was also the first public performance of songs from ‘Green Love: Songs to Save the World’, a United Learning collaboration of songs protesting climate change and inspiring social action.

The clouds lifted as the boys began their first song, ‘Universal Truth’. People stopped to listen to the beautiful sound created by the boys. They continued their performance with the song ‘In Danger’, which they sang in three parts, informing their listeners of the consequences of not caring for our global wildlife. ‘Global Warning’ was the final song and their energy was electric as they used body percussion to bring this song to life. A large crowd had gathered and stomps and claps could be heard throughout Claremont Gardens and the surrounding area.

Following the Year 6 performance of ‘Green Love’ songs, five girls from the Senior School took to the stage for solo performances. They too wowed the audience with their confidence and impressive vocal skills. It was a wonderful morning filled with live music from Surbiton High School. It was amazing to see so many people out and supporting the local community, and we were honoured to have been able to take part in the Surbiton Festival.

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