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Year 6 Enjoy Their Favourite Gothic Novel, Dracula

Posted: 15th October 2021

With Halloween fast approaching, what better time than to indulge in our favourite Gothic novel, ‘Dracula’.

As the Count steps out of the shadows, Year 6 become entranced by the evil allure of the protagonist. In David Calcutt’s captivating rework of the original novel, we are introduced the themes of power, manipulation and the supernatural. The boys have immersed themselves in the murky world of this much feared character, and have written about him in exquisite detail.  Victorian values and norms are challenged at every turn, and the boys have been able to analyse characters, make links with other texts and appreciate the Gothic genre. After escaping from Castle Dracula, Mr Harker writes an informal letter to his fiancé Mina, explaining the unsettling events of the previous weeks.

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