Surbiton Physics at ResearchED National 2021 | Surbiton High School
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Surbiton Physics at ResearchED National 2021

Posted: 27th September 2021

ResearchED is a grass-roots, teacher led organisation that aims to bridge the gap between research and practice in education. They have been organising conferences since 2013 that bring together teachers, academic researchers, and policy makers.
ResearchED National 2021 was held in London in early September and one of the speakers was Gethyn Jones, a teacher of physics at Surbiton High School. Mr Jones gave a session on “Misconceptions and p-prims: the refining raw intuitions approach” which outlined how to apply the work of Dr. Andrea diSessa and others in the physics classroom.
Mr Jones also used the event to publicise his new book Cracking Key Concepts in Secondary Science (co-authored with Adam Boxer and Heena Dave) which was published by SAGE Education in July of this year. The book hopes to help science teachers “crack” some notoriously difficult-to-teach concepts. The book has been well received and is on its second impression with one reviewer saying that “this will be a go to, well recommended book for years to come!”
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