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Girls’ Prep Co-Curricular Clubs Are Back!

Posted: 23rd September 2021

Our co curricular clubs are back! They range from Coding, Tap dancing, Perform, Stage Craft to Cheerleading. We are so grateful to the support from our teachers and the external clubs who are delighted to welcome the girls back.

The Ukelele club has a new member!

Thank you to Mrs Baldwin and Miss Atkinson for your patience when teaching us the Ukulele. We have learnt chord ‘C’, and the more experienced musicians were moved up from ‘Row, row, row your boat’ to ‘London Bridge is falling down’, which includes another key change.

Who knew Ukuleles came in such a rainbow of colours!

Homework was distributed and club was over in a flash – we promise to practise and not annoy our families too much!

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