Posted: 8th July 2021

Our newsletter would not be complete without a final farewell and thank you to the amazing Mrs Catlin.

We have been marking the occasion of her retirement for the past month and were delighted to welcome back her very own alumni from Year 13 downwards.

Hannah, 13M, organised the ‘Catlin Crew’ to come and join us for afternoon tea when the sun shone.

Mrs Catlin was recognised by United Learning with a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the current Reception pupils, however, in true Mrs Catlin style, she has turned the tables on us and given presents to the School. What could it beeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Every year, Barry the Beekeeper visits Reception to educate us and inspire a new generation of children who are keen to ‘Save the Bees’. Mrs Catlin has been a key part of the legacy created by the Surbiton High School donations to this charity and we will ensure we invite this local organisation into the Reception class of 2021/22.

We will miss her more than she will ever know and have all been enriched by that calm exterior with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Her heartfelt thanks for all your good wishes, gifts and messages are sent with love.

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