YEAR 5 READING DIARY AWARD | Private Senior School | Surbiton High School
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Posted: 6th July 2021

Chosen for their enthusiastic reading and consistent effort in conveying their thoughts on what they have read, both Emeline and Chloe were deserving joint winners of the Reading Diary prize this year.

Both girls were delighted to receive copies of the award-winning Hilary McKay novel, ‘The Swallows’ Flight’. Runner-up Amina also produced excellent responses to her reading and received a copy of ‘The Skylarks’ War’, the prequel novel in this award-winning saga. In preparation for studying World War II in Year 6, the girls will read these books over the summer and create a short video or written book review, as well as receiving five House points for their sustained effort in reading and writing about their book choices over the whole year.

Well done Chloe, Emeline and Amina – happy reading over the summer!

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