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Posted: 2nd July 2021

Year 4 took over the School, recently participating in a fantastic day of DT.

Here are a selection of the girls’ comments:

DT Day was extremely fun. We made lights which used PVA glue, glue guns, paint and materials from home. Even though it was challenging, no one gave up and everyone was resilient. We all created a working light and were very proud of our work. (Martha Year 4)

DT was for me the most exciting event this term. This was because of the creative and science side. It helped me learn designing and how circuits work. I really enjoyed DT Day and I loved everybody’s design. The whole day was fun cool and chaotic. No matter how messy it was, or if your light did not shine through your design, DT was a fun day and a great start to our electric topic. (Anna 4H)

DT Day

On Thursday 17 June 2021, we had DT Day. DT Day is when we make our own lights from scratch. We made it by ourselves and we had to make a theme for the light. First we went up to the Science Lab to meet with 4H. Then we gathered all the materials to make our lights. We learnt that our circuit needs a bulb, battery and a switch. They all need to be connected with wires; if they are not connecting then you have an incomplete circuit. You can make a simple circuit by just connecting the bulb and the battery. These are some of the lights people made: Gigi made a dragon using cardboard and beads, Caitlyn made a campsite using a jar, felt, foam and a light, Dhiyaani made a house using plastic grape box, egg box, paint and cardboard, Anais made an avocado light. We all learnt how electricity can come into our homes officially. We also learnt to work independently and make our own lights with recycling and cardboard. We all enjoyed this event very much. It was so fun and enjoyable. (Dhiyaani, Year 4)

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