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Posted: 2nd July 2021

The Girls’ Prep were fortunate enough to welcome our catering team, Chartwells, who ran an interactive cookery demonstration recently. We interviewed several pupils from Year 4 who were really enthusiastic about the event.

Here are a selection of their comments:

I loved Ready Steady Cook because there were two contestants from each class chosen to cook. My favourite part was trying the food and I loved the vibe and how everyone was supporting each other.  (Holly, Year 4)

I really enjoyed Ready Steady Cook as I think it was great fun. It was a wonderful opportunity for people who do not normally cook. Everyone had a go at voting and we even got to taste the food.  I really hope we can do it again.  (Orlaith, Year 4)

I really enjoyed Ready Steady Cook because we were chosen to cook and we were one card away from winning! It was really interactive and safe! To make it more competitive, we only had 15 minutes. ( Bess Year 4)

The Ready Steady Cook event was a great success. It brought out our competitive and supportive sides. Our host James was not just a chef but a comedian and made everyone roar with laughter.

Phoebe, Isabella, Bess and Sophie were selected  to go head-to-head in a cooking challenge. They had fifteen minutes to create a yummy and well-presented dish. One group had to make pasta and the other group made a curry. Everyone had plenty of opportunities to shine. From explaining and commenting to answering and judging, we all had fun. We also learnt a lot about healthy eating and many giggles.

To conclude: Runcie Hall, on 24 June, was jam-packed with happy pupils! (Maya)

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