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Posted: 22nd June 2021

On Wednesday, we had the privilege to go to Seaford Bay and indulge in many fascinating activities.

When we arrived after a long bus journey, we went down to the beach with the sun shining on us. Seaford used to be a Victorian village – Tide Mills – which is the era we are learning about this term. The villagers who used to live there were forced to leave because of many reasons like tidal waves and open sewers. The people living in the area now have preserved the remains of the village as a nature reserve and protected monument.

At the beach, we scavenged the shingle to find many different things and identify them. We also created pictures with various objects we found at the beach. There wasn’t as much as usual, as the weather had recently been good so less had washed up.

We looked around the beach for rocks and shells with holes in them to create necklaces. At the end of the day we got a treat: ice-cream! It was an enjoyable day at Seaford, and we all learned so much.

It was great to be out in the sun, spending a day out in the open on a beautiful day!

Charlotte, Year 5

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