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Reception Visited Chessington Zoo

Posted: 16th June 2021


Reception visited Chessington Zoo on Wednesday, and we had a wonderful time spotting all the animals that we have been learning about this half term.

The sun was shining, so most of the animals came out to say hello as we walked around the enclosures. We saw lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas, sealions and rhinos, to name a few! The girls were animal experts and shared with their group leader all of the facts that they already knew about each creature we encountered.

After lots of exploring, we stopped to have our delicious packed lunch (even finding time to sing to Mrs Farr for her birthday!) With lots of energy and raring to go, we ventured to Africa and went on a real-life safari ride! We held on tight as our jeep bumped along the track, and we were able to get up close with lots of fascinating African animals.

We left the zoo feeling happy, tired, and excited to share the new of our day with our families at home. The girls were unanimous in deciding that we had had the “best day EVER!”

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