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Year 6 Amelie and Emily Share Their Experiences At School

Posted: 15th June 2021

Amelie and Emily in Year 6 have provided the following write up about their experiences at School to date:

In Year 6 so far, we have had many events happen and still more to come. One of the events we are preparing for is our production, which we practice every Monday in Production Club. Another exciting couple of events that are coming up are the school trips that have been planned. These are trips such as: Henley Fort (a World War II museum) and Thames Young Mariners. Everyone is excited as one of the trips is coming up very soon.

In Computing, we are learning to build a computer. The class is split into groups of four (with COVID-19 seating precautions) and we are given a pack which contains our computer that is in different parts that we have to put together.

We have been learning about William Kamkwanba, a famous Malawian inventor. He has been described as a bright spark and is a man who has left a legacy behind his steps to success! William Kamkwanba created a windmill to generate electricity, and although poor, this has made life easier for his family and friends. I am sure William has inspired the Year 6 girls to experiment with cogs and use their creative critical thinking skills, which includes thinking outside the box.

Quotes from Year 6 include:

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