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Year 5 Tour the Solar System

Posted: 15th June 2021

On 26 February, Year 5 had a whistle-stop tour of the solar system, sun, stars and the universe from a lady called Liz Tinlin. I really enjoyed the fascinating facts she shared with us.

Did you know we are made of stardust or that Earth has a magnetic shield that protects us from the Sun’s burst of flames?

Here are some more of the fabulous facts Liz shared with us:

– The Sun is halfway through its life. It’s got about another 5 billion years to go.

– Sometime in the future, two galaxies are going to collide.

– Perseverance has just landed on Mars and is looking for fossils to see if there was life on Mars a long time ago and if humans could live there.

Thank you, Liz, from from all of Year 5.


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