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Year 4 Team Building Day at Painshill Park

Posted: 15th June 2021

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On Wednesday 5 May, Year 4 went on a team building day to Painshill Park.

The boys were delighted to be learning in the great outdoors. As they went on a journey through the landscape, the boys learnt an array of survival skills, including identifying both poisonous and useful wild plants, as well as tracking wildlife. They learnt that there are three main things that they need to survive outdoors: water, shelter and food. The boys played a game in which they had to retrieve each of these items while evading a pupil dressed as a wolf.  They walked across the beautiful park and found garlic before settling at their den site. The boys built dens in teams with sticks and used leaves to make them waterproof. They picnicked in their dens and, after learning how to make a safe fire, toasted marshmallows.

It was a memorable day and the boys worked hard in their teams. It was brilliant fun and we hope that this trip has given the boys skills for life.

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