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Year 4 Check In on Their Tooth Decay Experiments

Posted: 15th June 2021

Eggs in a drawer

After a week of waiting, Year 4 were very eager to check in on their tooth decay experiments.

Having substituted teeth for egg shells, we were greeted by some interesting aromas as we entered the science room, as well as some interesting results! Overall, we concluded the following:

  • Water and milk do not affect your teeth
  • All fizzy drinks made the egg shells crack and so must be bad for your teeth. Some, such as cola, also stained the egg shells which suggests that they stain your teeth
  • Acidic liquids dissolved the egg shell so vinegar and fruit juices (particularly apple juice) are not good for the health of our teeth

All the girls enjoyed practising their scientific enquiry skills and would like to thank the kitchen staff for their help in resourcing all the equipment!

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