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Year 2 Trip to Bushy Park

Posted: 15th June 2021

Year 2 visited the Field Study Centre in Bushy Park on Monday and had a fantastic time learning about different habitats and where certain insects and mini-beasts like to live.

The girls enjoyed pond dipping and meadow sweeping, working together in their teams to investigate what they had caught and trying to spot any invertebrates in amongst the host of creatures found. The fantastic team at the centre helped us see even more detail with their microscope, so we could count legs, tails and spot all sorts of different features to help us identify everything. We learnt about treating habitats with respect and how taking time to look around us when we are out in natural environments can be great fun, as it is incredible how much we can see if we take the time instead of rushing past. All creatures were safely returned to their habitats, and the girls dodged the occasional raindrop before we headed back to School.

A huge thank you to Mrs Morrod for joining the Year 2 team for the day and to all the staff at the centre for giving us such a fantastic day!


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