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STEM Week: ‘Innovation for the Future’

Posted: 15th June 2021

We started off this amazing week with an assembly explaining the theme for this week, ‘Innovation for the Future’, and thinking about what this meant and how we were going to pursue this.

Our School has partnered up with Farmer Natalie Mollart and her farm near Bolton; this exciting news was also announced in the assembly on Monday. Throughout the week, year groups around the School have been completing activities and investigations to help Farmer Natalie innovate for the future. Year groups from Reception to Year 6 participated in these fun and engaging activities.

Reception looked at what food comes from farms.

Year 1 investigated what materials were best to build a polytunnel.

Year 2 explored hedgerow habitats and farmyard food chains.

Year 3 discovered plant growth, rocks and soil nutrients.

Year 4 researched and investigated the water cycle, looking at evaporation, condensation and precipitation, and states of matter involving gas, liquids and solids.

Year 5 studied renewable energy including wind turbines.

Year 6 tested whether the colour of light affected plant growth. They did this by using cress and coloured cellophane to measure the growth of a plant over 9 days.

Pupils from year 6 describe this week:

“It was a learning experience”- Mia 6P

“It was great to develop so much knowledge on the subject of how plants grow”- Mayako 6S

“It was thoroughly inspiring and enjoyable” – Lottie 6S

“It tested our learning habits” – Sophie 6P.

Overall, we think this was a thoroughly enjoyable and excitable week across the School.

Written by Sophie and Kate  (STEM Ambassadors)

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