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Reflections of Head Girl Team

Posted: 15th June 2021

I have to say that my favourite thing about being Head Girl this term was when I had to record a video of myself reading one of my favourite books, and explaining why I loved it so much.

I think that the only advice that I would give to the new Head Girl is that do not feel that you are alone, or that you are being pressurised to do something, as the teachers are always understanding.

Looking back on the term, I realise that it has been hard for the whole School, both students and teachers alike. Home learning has been test of perseverance and togetherness, and I do not think that anyone here at Surbiton could have worked harder. It was a pleasure leading the pupils through this lockdown, and I wish the next Head Girl luck, and that she will have as good a time as I have had.

– Juno, Head Girl

Being Deputy Head Girl has been strange, and I do sometimes wish we were at School, but having to help lead the School through this time has really taught me how to empathise with the teachers and pupils and it’s really taught me how much work everyone puts in to make School, or home, a happy place. I’ve loved recording videos for the School and hearing everyone’s praise after it. The first open morning was bucketloads of fun!

Working by the side of so many amazing people has really taught me the true value of hard work. I’d like to wish the new Head Girl Team the best of luck and the experiences you go through really teach you something, thank you.

– Sophie, Deputy Head Girl

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