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Reception Explore Creatures in the Pond

Posted: 15th June 2021

Since the holidays, it has been great to get on the coach and go to Hinchley Wood for our LOC sessions.

Last week, the sun shone and we went for a beautiful bluebell walk in the woods, even spotting two deer as we got to the clearing where we like to stop and play.

This week the sun shone again, so we started with a story and then headed to the pond to see if we could become pond dippers. Mr Beck very kindly filled our great big containers with pond water. Using magnifying glasses, small fishing nets, spoons and pot magnifiers, we looked to see which pond creatures were hiding in the pond weed and water. There were a few bugs and beetles, but we didn’t see any of the exciting creatures that we hoped for… water boatmen, water snails, whirligigs …maybe next time? It was lots of fun though!

As we left , Mrs Mackenzie shouted, “look over there…. !”  Were they crocodiles lurking in the pond weed or was it just our imagination!

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