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British Science Week 2021

Posted: 15th June 2021

Between Monday 8 March and Friday 12 March, the Boys’ Prep completed a series of activities to celebrate British Science Week.

This year’s theme was ‘Innovating for the Future’, and we linked this theme to the future of the world’s oceans. The boys explored the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans and the negative effect that it will have on our oceans in the future.

During British Science Week, we decided to find out more about this issue and investigate what we could do about it. Together, the boys completed a variety of ocean-based activities across the School. Reception explored floating and sinking, Year 1 made floating hotels for ocean scientists and Year 2 created ocean habitats. Years 3 and 4 presented their own ocean exhibit to educate people on ocean life, and Years 5 & 6 created new technology to remove unwanted waste debris from the ocean. The enthusiasm, knowledge and innovation that was being shared across the year groups was staggering. The ideas were so creative, forward-thinking and informative. It was wonderful to see so many boys collaborating and working as team towards a common goal.

Well done to all pupils for your passion and hard work this week.

Mr Buckingham

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