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Reception Explore Planet Earth This Half Term

Posted: 12th February 2021

Reception children have had a wonderful adventure exploring planet earth this half term.

Starting with the book, ‘Here we Are’ by Oliver Jeffers, they looked at our special place on the earth and what makes us so special.  They learnt about how to look after our wonderful planet and the difference they can make, both to the planet and endangered animals on it. Using the texts ‘Whatever Next, Bob’, ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Astro Girl’, the boys learned to write postcards from the moon, speech bubbles for characters,  lists of items to take to the moon and retell the stories.

We are amazing mathematicians in Reception and have been able to explore a variety of concepts at home with huge success. The children have experienced learning about doubling and halving, money, sequencing daily routines, seasons, estimation, shape, repeating patterns and how to count in 5s and 2s.

Mental health week involved a lot of glitter! The boys loved making calm jars to help regulate their own feelings. The calm jars have been seen in use a lot since and are being well used. We have been exploring our feelings each week, including feeling happy, worried, brave and angry. This week the boys made bravery medals to remind them of times when they have felt brave.

We are celebrating Chinese New Year this week and learning alongside our class experts who are celebrating this special day at home. The children have made lanterns, designed moving dragons and have learned how to draw a dragon, with huge creativity. They have listened to stories about Chinese New Year and learned about the customs and traditions of this celebration. We have also been learning a traditional celebratory Chinese New Year dance.

We are really excited to continue our planet earth topic after half term when we will be learning about Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough. We will also be exploring what is it like to be in space, and how to take a shower, clean your teeth and sleep in space. We have got everything crossed that this will be back in the classroom together, where we belong.

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