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Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Posted: 12th February 2021

Last week, we focused on Children’s Mental Health Week.

This is an annual commitment to raising awareness of our children’s mental health. Now more than ever, bringing attention to the causes of mental health and what we can do to be more mentally strong, this important subject needs to be discussed and spotlighted.

The week started with a collaborative assembly with both Prep Schools and was organised around the theme ‘Express Yourself’. The pupils were given an opportunity to see how we all express ourselves differently, including the teachers! The Head Boy team and Head Girl team introduced the topic and the Peer Mentors suggested activities that can help lift our spirits and be proud of who we are. They explored lots of different ways to express yourself, whether through singing, dancing, cooking, drawing, playing sport or all of them together. Singing, dancing and cooking seemed to be a recurring theme amongst the staff.

During the week, in form time, mentoring and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education), teachers focused on the theme and encouraged the boys to express themselves creatively. There was also time to talk about our feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

The ‘off screen’ afternoon was a real hit with the pupils, where they were able to choose a range of activities from the jam-packed menu and enjoy not being in front of the screen for the afternoon. It was clear that the boys relished the creative element of learning and there was something for everyone to enjoy. This opportunity encouraged independence and time to think for themselves. The pictures that came in afterwards showed the fun the boys had. From sports, to making hearts, to writing NHS cards, to drawing, building, and spending time outside. All the activities were welcomed and much needed.

We were so proud of all of our pupils for embracing a change in their weekly timetable and having the confidence in expressing themselves freely, both verbally, physically and creatively.

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