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Finlay Wins Best Line at Storyslam 2021!

Posted: 11th February 2021

We are pleased to announce that Finlay from Surbiton High Boys’ Preparatory School won Best Line at the StorySLAM 2021 competition!

Announced on Wednesday 10 February, StorySLAM published the competition winners video on Twitter which featured Finlay reading out his own story in submission for the National StorySLAM competition.

The judges really enjoyed Finlay’s story “The Photo”, particularly his imagery and the lines “Her disturbing smile held a thousand trapped souls inside” and “a sense of corruption flew over me like a murder of crows”.

The competition was tough and there were a high number of video entries; Finlay’s winning submission will be used as teaching resources for pupils to discuss.

A huge congratulations to Finlay!

We are so proud of what Finlay has achieved, having won the Best Lines at StorySLAM 2021. Finlay has a real love of story telling and this victory will serve as an inspiration to our other eager writers. Keep writing, Finlay! Byron King, Deputy Head of the Boys’ Preparatory School

What is StorySLAM?

StorySLAM is a story writing and telling competition for Year 5 & 6 students that aims to develop literacy, oracy and confidence.

Pupils write their own story, but the focus of StorySLAM isn’t on the story writing, it’s on the storytelling!

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