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Head Girl Team Lead Girls’ Prep Open Morning

Posted: 10th February 2021

On Wednesday 3 February, Juno and I (Sophie) logged on to our first Surbiton Girls’ Prep Open Morning in our roles as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl.

We were on the call with Ms Stewart and Mr Williamson and had practised the day before with some practice questions for us to answer, but we were still rather scared.

We stayed on mute but with our cameras recording for the whole event, and when we were live, we unmuted to speak directly to the prospective parents present. Ms Stewart and Mr Williamson were talking most of the time, but if we wanted to add something, we simply waved our hand, and they would come to us to speak.

Thankfully, we weren’t asked too many questions, but we did speak about our amazing buddy system, the Music Department and learning individual instruments, and the pupils’ experience of School throughout the years. We were very nervous about talking to just a screen, but we could see Ms Stewart and Mr Williamson’s faces, and seeing them smile and nod along made us feel much more confident. Juno and I also talked about the mentoring sessions offered from Years 3 to 6, and though it was hard being put on the spot and having to talk about something we had done many times, it was also very rewarding.

When the Open Morning was over, Ms Stewart and Mr Williamson told us how amazing we had been and that we should be very proud of ourselves. We found it so much fun to do and cannot wait until the next event later this term.

– Juno and Sophie Year 6


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