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Boys’ Prep Sports Round Up

Posted: 10th February 2021

It has been another jam-packed half term of Sport! Despite not being able to carry out our ‘normal programme’, the progress and engagement of all the boys throughout this testing time has been superb.

With exercise and the importance of keeping active taking greater prominence in today’s climate, the PE Department believed strongly that each lesson should involve a ‘wake and shake’-type activity in the form of a physical workout. The physical activities took a variety of forms, including conventional HIIT style workouts such as Tabata and AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). However, our most enjoyable physical activity was with gamified workouts. These workouts were created following a variety of themes such as Pokémon, Harry Potter and Avengers Superhero. Each session was created to suit the needs of each year group and ensured all pupils could relate to the workouts, enabling choice throughout. They have been so well received and the energy on show has been fantastic to see.

The gamification method of teaching has enabled the department to keep lessons engaging and fresh, by using game-like elements in applications of real-world activities. This has enabled maximum levels of engagement for all pupils in the School, and has helped to enhance the competitive experiences the boys are exposed to. We believe, as a department, that enhancing purpose and providing meaning to all lessons allows the boys in our care to feel that what they are doing matters. With this, motivation improves dramatically, focus is maintained consistently, and progress is made much quicker.

The Spring Term is traditionally the rugby season at the Boys’ Prep, and therefore it has been a priority of the department to ensure skills and theoretical sessions have been delivered in line with our curriculum plans for the sport. Mr White and Mr Gallop have delivered engaging, creative and purposeful sessions, focusing on tackle technique, rucking, and passing, to name a few. It has been brilliant seeing the boys be so adaptable with their use of equipment and utilisation of the spaces they have available. We have had boys passing into household bins, tackling cushions, and tagging members of their family.

Virtual fixtures have taken place against a number of skills, which has allowed the boys to experience that much-needed competitive side that Sport offers.

The PE Department look forward to the boys returning to School in the near future, and cannot wait to get back in competitive action at Hinchley Wood.

– Mr Blood & BP PE Department

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